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I suffered from severe leg cramps for years.  I have actually passed out on several occasions from the pain of the cramps.  One time I was swimming in the ocean with my kids and suddenly developed massive cramps in both hamstrings.  I thought I was going to drown in front of my kids!  Thank god I made it to the shore before drowning and scarring my kids for life!  I couldn’t take the pain of the leg cramps any longer so I tried everything on the market, including eating bananas like a starving monkey and drinking coconut water like a thirsty Brazilian.  Finally, after months of research, I figured out that the cause of my leg cramps and a lot of common ailments afflicting people today was from a lack of magnesium in my system (not a lack of potassium).  I also learned that not just any magnesium will fix this issue, it has to be magnesium chloride (the main ingredient in "Coach David’s" Brand Products) that is absorbed through the skin (transdermal), our bodies largest organ.

The magnesium I source is the purest and best in the world.  I buy the magnesium chloride for "Coach David’s" Brand Products from the Zechstein Sea Bed in the Netherlands. This is a 3 million year old ancient sea bet that my suppliers have to dig 2 miles into the earth just to retrieve to get the cleanest and purest magnesium chloride in the world.  Also, if you absorb the ingredients through the skin (transdermal therapy) it allows 90% of the ingredients to absorb into the cells for fast acting relief!

Since I developed and started using this product, I haven’t had a leg cramp in over 3 years!  This stuff is amazing!  So I thought that if transdermal magnesium chloride worked for me, it might work for others.  The positive responses and testimonials I keep getting are incredible and keep me inspired to make this product and to formulate other products utilizing this miracle mineral magnesium chloride.  

I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Thanks for shopping at Small Batch Labs!  We are called "Small Batch Labs" because, unlike massive chemical "health" product manufacturers that source the cheapest ingredients and make them in massive batches in order to sell in huge quantities, we make smaller batches with the finest ingredients we can find, which we feel gives you the absolute best results.  

Thanks for shopping with us!  SMALL BATCH LABS -- Smaller Batches, Fresher Ingredients, Better Results!